When shots are almost firm make the second layer in a large measuring cup whisk together remaining package purple jell o and 1 cup boiling water until completely dissolved whisk in vodka and.

Boil 1 cup water add 3 oz lime jell o followed by 1 2 cup tequila and 1 2 cup sweet and sour margarita mix once its cool sprinkle with salt just before firm substitute watermelon jell o for lime for a melon margarita chill for 3 to 4 hours and serve.

Just thinking about jell o shots probably reminds you of a college party or other event where cheap beer dominated and trash cans doubled as punch bowls but who says jell o shots have to end after college these tried and true party drinks are fun easy to make and instant crowd pleasers.

Margarita jell o shots drink your way to margaritaville get the recipe from delish parker feierbach 18 of 55 pink lemonade jell o shots these taste just like summer.

Margarita jello shots 20 mins ratings rainbow cake jello shots 35 mins ratings fun and easy jell o shot 25 mins ratings guinness green jelly shot for st patricks day 30 mins ratings champagne jello shots 9 mins ratings pink lemonade jello shots 15 mins ratings banana daiquiri jelly shots.

The best jello shots recipes on yummly pina colada rum jello shots recipe easy pina colada jello shots jello shots jello shots margarita jello shots an idiots liquor boiling water tequila lemon juice triple sec unflavored gelatin and 3 more unflavored gelatin water jell o watermelon plan shop.

29 strawberry margarita jello shots what a great way to serve jello shots in hulled out strawberries they are delicious and festive for cinco de mayo or summer parties 30 mudslide jello shots a creamy dessert jello shot that combines kahlua bailey rsquo s vodka half and half gelatin and chocolate chips.

Glowing jell o shots making this vodka spiked jell o shot perfect for the dedicated vodka tonic drinker at your party 5 oz tres agaves margarita mix.

When you need some red jello shots with a bit of a kick that are easy to make this fireball cherry jello shots recipe can rsquo t be beat the sweetness of the cherry flavored jello helps to balance out the cinnamon taste from the fireball whiskey and makes for a winning combination that tastes just like the red hots candy.

If you rsquo re a fan of jell o shots while each flavor is designed to be paired with a specific alcohol mdash tequila for the margarita for example mdash you can use whatever you prefer.

Flaming marshmallow jello shots tablespoon jell o marshmallows grim reaper mix that drink grenadine rum bacardi kahlua new orleans traditional hurricane 3 kinds of rum seasonal holiday recipe exchange bacardi pineapple juice dark rum grenadine white rum rum and 2 more jalapeno watermelon margarita shooters running to.

Come fall its officially holiday season mdash from halloween to thanksgiving there are countless parties potlucks and intimate gatherings but no matter how you celebrate with friends and family theres one thing that every party must have a fun and festive fall cocktail thats why weve rounded up the best apple cider cocktail recipes to serve at your next get together.