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Step 3 put the bag with the marinated turkey breast in the refrigerator for 4 6 hours for the meat to absorb all of the flavors of the oil lemon and honey mixture step 4 preheat the grill heat the grill to high heat and get the turkey from the refrigerator now that the turkey breasts have marinated for 4 or more hours remove the turkey.

The turkey breast marinates in buttermilk for a good 8 to 12 hours the longer the better this was the first time i had made a turkey breast marinated in buttermilk but it won rsquo t be my last i marinate chicken in buttermilk all the time so it makes sense that it would work great for a turkey and it does.

Turkey breast is easy to over roast and make taste dry and chalky to mitigate that i used a similar technique to the one i used for making the slow baked chicken breast the idea there is to roast the breast at a lower temperature with a small amount of liquid in the pan.

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Definitely try brining your turkey breast next time it does two things ndash the seasonings will penetrate all the way inside and will make the meat much more flavorful and the meat will be more juicy i find that two hours is quite enough for small to medium size turkey breast while 3 4 for large ones start with 2 hours and see how you like it.

As mentioned above you need to use a completely thawed turkey breast best practice for thawing a turkey is to thaw it in the refrigerator depending on the size of the breast it will take 1 to 3 days when you are pressed for time you can thaw the turkey breast by submerging it in a sealed plastic bag in cold water for 30 minute intervals.

Put turkey breast inside bowl and flip over so meat is coated well put into fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour to marinate preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees f for 5 minutes open air fryer basket and spray meat with olive oil cooking spray place turkey breast inside basket and close cook for 25 minutes.

I prefer the ease of a boneless turkey breast if your turkey breast was packaged with a net around it make sure to cut the net off and dispose of it there really won rsquo t be a need for the net as the sweet bacon weave will take its place once you have the turkey breast unwrapped and de netted season with a little salt and pepper.

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Grilled marinated turkey breasts boneless breast meat from one wild turkey 2 3 cup soy sauce 1cup brown sugar 1 4 cup lemon juice 1 3 cup honey 1 teaspoon minced garlic lawreys seasoning salt adolphs meat tenderizer slice the breast meat lengthwise to create fillets that are about 1 2 inch thick.