Inside learn how to make this popular mexican style shrimp ceviche with shrimp lime juice avocado jalapeno cilantro and finish it off with some hot sauce if that is your style shrimp ceviche is one of my favorite recipes from my hometown of veracruz mexico veracruz is a port city located on the coast of the gulf of mexico.

Shrimp ceviche recipe shrimp ceviche is one of those high end appetizers i never order in a restaurant because it is soooo expensive ha truth be told we barely even go to restaurants except for sushi i used to wait all year round for our yearly all inclusive vacation to eat my fair share of hellip.

Ecuadorian ceviche tosses shrimp and tomato sauce into the marinade and crispy tostadas or tortilla crisps accompany mexican ceviche or the similar aguachile shrimp drizzled with a chili infused lime mixture just before serving from the northern pacific coast of mexico caribbean styles include a creamy touch from coconut milk.

Like most ceviches serve ceviche de soya atop crisp tostada shells and garnish with avocado slices and a few drops of your favorite bottled hot sauce and while youre at it serve yourself a tall glass of ice cold agua de jamaica or pop open a bottle of your favorite mexican beer.

Chelsie kenyon author of knack mexican cooking is a former freelance writer and recipe developer with more than 10 years experience in mexican cuisine.

Concha mexican sweet bread is a breakfast or snack pastry found all over mexico it has a fluffy brioche like dough with a crispy streusel topping scored to resemble a shell the pastry can come in a variety of colors and other shapes but i prefer the plain and chocolate streusel ceviche is a seafood dish of raw fish marinated in.