Heres a mexican cocktail thats an after dinner drink the carajillo this cocktail is popular in spain and latin america but it rsquo s probably most famous in mexico where you rsquo ll find it made with licor 43 one sip and you rsquo ll taste sweet vanilla chocolate and citrus notes from the licor and the bitter rich notes of the coffee.

A true classic irish coffee is the one drink that every coffee lover should taste at least once the recipe was created in ireland and set the standard for what a great coffee cocktail should be its quite simple but very specific the base is rich strong coffee spiked with a shot of irish whiskey and sweetened with brown sugar to keep it.

Serve this coffee cocktail hot or cold mdash your choice in the summer it rsquo s a perfect way to use cold brew coffee the recipe is super simple coffee orange zest and licor 43 a spanish made liqueur with a vanilla and citrus flavor if you can rsquo t find the licor 43 feel free to swap in brandy or whiskey get recipe from food la la.

The michelada grew naturally out of the common mexican practice of adding fresh squeezed lime juice and a dash of salt to a beer this basic approach to a beer cocktail expanded over the years to include a variety of savory ingredients such as traditional maggi sauce or a combination of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce.

This mexican spiced coffee better known as cafe de olla is made with mexican ground coffee cinnamon and raw dark sugar that we call piloncillo this is a traditional mexican drink recipe that has been enjoyed by many generations.

A classic spanish cocktail popular in mexico the carajillo is made with espresso and licor 43 i rsquo ve often enjoyed this cocktail while in mexico whether it be at a fancy restaurant in mexico city a late night coffee bar in acapulco or at vacation resorts spanning the country from los cabos to playa del carmen.

Coffee is the predominant flavour here you rsquo ll notice only the subtle tequila notes in the background for those who are wondering the answer is yes ndash coffee patron is made with actual coffee patron previously made 2 other cafe variations in their liqueur range patron xo dark cocoa has some criollo mexican chocolate added to the blend.

Ingredients 16 oz hot coffee 8 oz knob creek bourbon 2 oz cream 2 oz grade b maple syrup 1 pinch cinnamon 25 teaspoon mexican vanilla instructions pour 4 oz of above mix heated with cappuccino.

It rsquo s fun to make your own low carb sugar free coffee liqueur better than kahlua and you can use it so many cocktail recipes like a healthy sugar free mexican coffee see just how easy it is with a new instructional video and updated recipe and it makes a great keto friendly holiday gift.

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Kapali is a mexican coffee liqueur made using coffee beans grown at high altitude along with locally grown vanilla beans this is not the most complex spirit out there but its affordable price pleasant sweetness and notes of chocolate and roasted coffee make it a good bottle for any cocktail that calls for coffee liqueur.