Ceviche is loaded with shrimp avocados tomatoes and cucumbers all marinated in fresh lime juice you can use cooked or raw shrimp in this mexican shrimp cocktail ceviche is among our favorite appetizers along with cowboy caviar and the wildly popular shrimp salsa it is a major crowd pleasing recipe and so satisfying served over crisp tostadas or with tortilla chips.

Always use the freshest fish possible make the ceviche the same day you purchase the fish until you make the ceviche store your fish in the refrigerator on ice in a container with a tight lid if the ice melts change it out for fresh ice bottled lemon and lime juice are safe to use for ceviche the acids in them will cook the fish.

Seafood you can substitute part of the shrimp with pieces of firm white fish bay scallops or even sliced octopus vegetables i often add other vegetables such as red bell pepper or green onions fruit ceviche pairs really well with fruit for a tropical flavor omit the tomato and instead try some diced mango or pineapple.

A favorite mexican dish served during special occasions such as wedding and birthdays generous portion of tender chicken breast with mole sauce and ancient mexican savory sweet spice recipe served with rice and refried beans choice of corn or flour tortillas.

How to make authentic mexican aguachile similar to ceviche shrimp is cooked in a mixture of lime juice chiles and cilantro flavorful simple and sooooo delicious caribbean shrimp tacos with mango cabbage slaw ndash bursting with caribbean flavors healthy easy and fast and can be made in 30 mins tuna or white fish with baby.