Mini cheesecakes are also great for serving a crowd there is less mess and they can even work as finger food when guests are eating and mingling they are baked in muffin cups with no need for a fussy pressed crust simply drop in a vanilla wafer into the bottom of each muffin cup and that makes a perfect cookie crust in a snap.

How to make mini cheesecakes while you can buy a mini cheesecake pan i don rsquo t bother and just use a mini muffin tin and this recipe makes 18 mini cheesecakes lining your muffin tins with foil liners makes these easy to get out of the pan and simple to serve i rsquo ve used nilla wafers for the base but if you prefer a graham crust you can substitute graham cookies hellip.

Non fat greek yogurt vanilla extract light cream cheese vanilla wafers and 2 more mini cheesecakes amandas cookin cream cheese heavy whipping cream chocolate graham crackers and 6 more.

Enjoy decadently rich luxuriously creamy mini cheesecakes after dinner or at a party each little cheesecake topped graham cracker crust is baked in a muffin cup and can be served plain or topped with chocolate ganache soft caramel strawberry sauce lemon curd peanut butter frosting or even edible flowers.

Sugar vanilla there rsquo s 1 2 cup of sugar to sweeten the mini cheesecake bites and some vanilla for flavor eggs these help add structure to the mini cheesecakes to make the filling you rsquo ll mix the cream cheese and sour cream together until they rsquo re well combined then mix in the sugar and vanilla extract.

Add lemon sugar to cream cheese and mix until light and fluffy add eggs vanilla and lemon juice beat well place a wafer in the bottom of each muffin cup spoon batter into each cup filling each 2 3 full bake 22 to 24 minutes or until centers are almost set cool in pan on wire rack mini cheesecakes will deflate in center upon cooling.

For my mini cheesecakes i use vanilla wafers for the crust i assume they would work with these also does the graham cracker crust compliment the flavor or just a mixture to make a crust reply brandie the country cook september 27 2020 at 7 38 pm you could certainly do that i love the texture and taste of graham cracker crumbs.

Make cheesecake filling mix dry ingredients in a small mixing bowl whisk together 3 4 cup granulated sugar with 1 5 tbsp flour until well blended mix cream cheese with sugar mixture add softened cream cheese to a separate mixing bowl and pour sugar mixture over top blend mixture on low speed with an electric hand mixer until smooth.

Mini cheesecakes are an instant crowd pleaser they make a fantastic party dessert because they are ready to grab and go no slicing needed these single serve cheesecakes are rich creamy and smooth with a crunchy graham cracker crust customize your cheesecakes with a variety of toppings like strawberry or caramel sauce.

Cherry and chocolate mini cheesecakes 6 vanilla wafers 8 oz cream cheese softened 1 3 c sugar 1 t vanilla 1 egg chocolate syrup or sauce cherry pie filling preheat oven to 350 degrees place paper liners in 6 muffin tins and place a vanilla wafer in each one set aside in medium mixing bowl beat together cream cheese sugar and.

Replace the vanilla wafer crumbs with gingersnap crumbs for a gingersnap crust great for your fall baking replace the vanilla wafer crumbs in part or altogether with chocolate cookies animal crackers or shortbread cookies add 1 2 teaspoon vanilla extract to amp up the vanilla flavor or use your own homemade vanilla sugar.

Look online for mini cheesecakes i have been making those for years it uses the cupcake tins with liners and a vanilla wafer in the bottom for the crust so easy you don rsquo t need to worry about this small ones cracking.

If using the mini 4 inch pans divide into three mini pans and cook for 12 minutes with an 18 minute natural pressure release if using 5 inch pans cook for 17 minutes with an 18 minute natural pressure release for single serving jar cheesecake 8 oz wide mouth glass jar cook 7 minutes 4 oz wide mouth glass jar cook 4 minutes.

This recipe makes a full size cheesecake we also have some delicious recipes for individual cheesecakes in ramekins and mini cheesecakes with vanilla wafers crust if you want something smaller ingredients needed you rsquo ll need the following ingredients to make the crustless cheesecake 4 8oz packages cream cheese 1 cup room sour cream.

Three layers of ice cream mixed with your favorite sweet n salty add ins oreos graham crackers vanilla wafers mdash you choose makes a hellip.

Easy vanilla cake recipe no bake mini cheesecakes recipe you can find white chocolate melting wafers in many grocery stores or craft stores such as michaels or hobby lobby just be sure to microwave at 50 in short increments as white chocolate is easy to burn.

Homemade pie is the classic choice when it comes to planning your thanksgiving desserts but after all of that turkey mashed potatoes and whatever else youre serving on your thanksgiving menu this year you may decide to opt for a bite sized treat instead or maybe you want to fill up your holiday dessert spread with more than one sweet option like thanksgiving hellip.

No southern table is complete without these holiday dessert recipes from our test kitchen of course when it comes to christmas desserts were known for our big white cakes but we also have charming cheesecakes crowd pleasing pound cakes and layer cakes from coconut to gingerbread with buttermilk frosting if youre looking for holiday desserts that stop the hellip.

Some good options are vanilla wafers gingersnaps pretzels biscoff digestive biscuits chocolate wafers or sugar cones use brown sugar to give the crust a more molasses flavor add different spices to the crumbs to add a fun flavor profile to the crust.